Set your decoration free

with rainbow colors

Structural colors

Tiny structures can split white light into rainbow colors. The structures can be molded. This we exploit in our MoldGrfx technology.

We convert your logo to a pattern of structures. The pattern will display your logo in strong rainbow colors. Then we place it in your injection mold.


You mold your product as normal. The pattern of structures will mold as well and your colorful rainbow logo will appear on your product.

The process

We place your rainbow logo (now converted to tiny structures) on a tool insert using a hard coating. The tool insert is used in your normal production tool. During a normal injection molding cycle your rainbow logo appears on your product.

MoldGrfx can be applied on curved tool inserts as well.

The very thin coating does not change your tool geometry.

The colors appear from structures alone - no ink or other additives.

MoldGrfx structural colors
Our process
MoldGrfx applied
Your normal production
Injection molding
PVD Metalization
Rainbow logo on product

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We specialize in surface technology for plastics manufactoring - focusing on injection molding and extrusion coating.